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You'll never have to worry about the quality of your content again when you work with Vera. She's an incredible writer, understands complex concepts, and can turn them into easy-to-read, engaging content. She is the perfect partner for any tech marketer.

Lior Katz

Marketing Director

Secured Touch

You'll be blown away by the high quality of Vera's work - she is truly one of the best content writers out there.  It can be difficult finding someone who not only knows how to write well but understands complicated technologies too - she does both exceptionally

Roey Libfeld

Marketing Director


Vera is the go-to writer for our team. Her work is the perfect balance of creativity and technical know-how. She always finds a way to make complex topics engaging without watering down their complexity or making them too simplistic for our DevOps audience.

Michael Greenberg

Head of Product


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